Market Insights: U.S. earnings recession about to end

Published by Steve Nielsen on Oct 28, 2016

According to data from Thomson Reuters, the S&P 500 is, surprisingly, now on pace to grow its earnings in the third quarter, ending a U.S. corporate earnings recession that has spanned five straight quarters....

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Milestone Elements™: Practice Management

Published by Steve Nielsen on Oct 26, 2016

Practice Management In September, our team had the benefit of attending a conference entirely focused on how advisors could run their businesses. ...

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Wealth Strategies: Principal residence exemption changes

Published by Steve Nielsen on Oct 21, 2016

The principal residence exemption (PRE) is a longstanding benefit that we as Canadians are able to take advantage of upon selling a qualified property....

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Market Insights: Third Quarter wrap-up

Published by Steve Nielsen on Oct 14, 2016

After enduring a lengthy correction that ended in February, North American equity markets have showed continued strength in the last two quarters....

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