Our Core Values

Stability. Tenacity. Mastery. Integrity.

No matter your business or background, every entrepreneur and business owner strives for financial stability - reaching a milestone where one is filled with security, peace of mind, fulfillment, and most importantly, long-term prosperity. Similar to how green symbolizes growth, wealth and endurance, the Milestone team has the expertise to overcome potential fluctuations, the strength to consistently manage your assets and the perseverance to bring lasting financial success to life.


Tenacity is represented by the colour orange. Orange symbolizes passion, determination and creativity, attributes that are ingrained in business owners and entrepreneurs. At Milestone, we demonstrate tenacity in all of our actions, from protecting our clients’ assets to offering advice and developing realistic, trusted investment strategies.


Mastery cannot be achieved alone, nor all at once. Blue symbolizes confidence, expertise and wisdom, and the Milestone team boasts more than over 80 years of knowledge and experience in wealth management. We recognize that as a business owner or entrepreneur, planning for your financial future is a continuous process. We will help you navigate your financial journey by offering insightful guidance and committed support along the way.


Integrity is clear. Similar to how white symbolizes openness, truth and purity, Milestone exemplifies these characteristics by embodying a strong foundation of integrity. A person’s integrity strongly reflects his or her character, and at Milestone you can rest assured that we keep your best interests top of mind, operate with a high degree of transparency and strive to build genuine and authentic relationships with our clients.