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We are a Wealth Advisory Team for a select group of successful Business Owners and Influential Families, who among other things, aspire to a work-optional lifestyle and to secure a family legacy. As their Complete Family Office (CFO), we’ve developed and refined a process that puts all the pieces of the financial puzzle together for them as their lives unfold and their needs evolve. We call it the S-Curve FORMula, which is the integration of their business and personal financial journey.


We never lose sight of what matters most to our clients; Family, Occupation, and Recreation. This is why our clients have entrusted us as stewards for their Money, helping them accomplish these three vital matters. It is why financial independence is important to them and to us. Through thought leadership, our process develops panoramic, intelligent wealth strategies designed to protect all they’ve built and bring them peace of mind.

Our Core Values

Stability. Tenacity. Mastery. Integrity.

No matter your business or background, every entrepreneur and business owner strives for financial stability - reaching a milestone where one is filled with security, peace of mind, fulfillment, and most importantly, long-term prosperity. Similar to how green symbolizes growth, wealth and endurance, the Milestone team has the expertise to overcome potential fluctuations, the strength to consistently manage your assets and the perseverance to bring lasting financial success to life.


Tenacity is represented by the colour orange. Orange symbolizes passion, determination and creativity, attributes that are ingrained in business owners and entrepreneurs. At Milestone, we demonstrate tenacity in all of our actions, from protecting our clients’ assets to offering advice and developing realistic, trusted investment strategies.


Mastery cannot be achieved alone, nor all at once. Blue symbolizes confidence, expertise and wisdom, and the Milestone team boasts more than over 80 years of knowledge and experience in wealth management. We recognize that as a business owner or entrepreneur, planning for your financial future is a continuous process. We will help you navigate your financial journey by offering insightful guidance and committed support along the way.


Integrity is clear. Similar to how white symbolizes openness, truth and purity, Milestone exemplifies these characteristics by embodying a strong foundation of integrity. A person’s integrity strongly reflects his or her character, and at Milestone you can rest assured that as Fiduciaries we keep your best interests top of mind, operate with a high degree of transparency and strive to build genuine and authentic relationships with our clients.





We are business owners and we support innovation and bold ideas.

Helping business owners, the lifeblood of our economy, realize their goals and aspirations

You want to succeed and we believe in building strong leaders for generations to come by rallying behind the risk takers and dreamers.


Holistically integrate with your strategic advisors and stakeholders. Open and detailed conversations to develop a complete understanding of your specific aspirations.

We do this by investing in our clients and guiding their business pursuits on the path towards prosperity.

Our clients are our greatest resource – we’re simply fueling their financial journey.


Wealth management services

Holistic business succession planning

Advanced estate planning strategies

Tax planning


Milestone Wealth Management Ltd. offers the resources and flexibility to provide you with personalized wealth management. We do so through our proprietary process The S-Curve FORMula™.

Wealth Management is not a static situation but rather it is fluid and dynamic, like your life. We recognize that as your life unfolds your needs will evolve and, as such, we maintain an ongoing process that not only allows us to react to Critical Financial and Life Events but assures that we can actually prepare for them.

We know those events can be as diverse as planning for retirement, selling a business, receiving an inheritance, buying a recreational property or proactively planning for your legacy. Our resources, experience and expertise take these many pieces of your financial puzzle and arrange them so that you have the complete picture and your path to financial independence becomes clear.

AN ENLIGHTENED PHILOSOPHY around all things financial
A PLANNING STRATEGY that remains fluid and dynamic




Through our 7 pillars of Wealth Management, we consider all aspects of a client’s financial life when developing a customized, holistic plan. This includes trust & estate advice, tax planning, risk management and advanced insurance strategies, cash management, philanthropic solutions, and guidance and resources on financing, real estate and other special interests.


We work with each client and their family to understand what drives their decisions and develop strategies that meet individual and family needs. We take a collaborative approach by working with our client’s relevant professionals (lawyers, accountants) to ensure you achieve your wealth and lifestyle goals.


We strive to prepare and empower each family member according to their needs, across generations. Depending on a family’s level of interest, we provide value-added services to our clients designed for the purpose of educating on investments and planning and helping extended family and friends.




Fundamentally, we believe investing is about balance – about bringing risk and return, action and patience into equilibrium. We focus on helping our clients find and maintain their own sense of balance when it comes to their investments. Based on your unique goals and expectations and your individual tolerance and capacity for risk, we’ll select the tools that suit your purposes and design a globally diversified portfolio tuned to your unique symmetry. Everything we do is process-driven and disciplined through all market cycles.


We seek input from multiple valuable resources to enhance our lengthy experience in the industry to provide insightful recommendations to our clients. We are continually evaluating existing and new strategies to create diverse solutions including active and passive investments that specifically meet your needs. To complement our in-house portfolio management, we conduct exhaustive research to bring best-in-class third-party managers factoring in performance, fee structure and risk, along with intensive due diligence and manager monitor.


In striving to manage risk, we adhere to our customized strategic and tacticalasset allocation process based on our proprietary methodology, utilizing domestic and global, traditional and non-traditional investments and asset classes. From a top-down perspective, our proprietary Milestone Recession Risk Composite™ helps guide our global asset allocations as well as the degree to which we pursue investment options. Through bottom-up research,we carefully select individual securities and actively managed solutions through a process that is driven by quality, growing value, and relative strength criteria.


We review our portfolio asset allocations and individual security weightings on a regular basis and rebalance back to our target weighting to ensure our portfolios stay aligned with your unique risk profile and to actively take advantage of seasonality and dislocations in the marketplace. In addition, we monitor our third-party managers and continually have diligent conversations to ensure their strategies are being executed accordingly.


With detailed knowledge of the Canadian tax system, and in working with our client’s strategic partners such as Chartered accountants and Tax Specialists,we harness all the tools available to us to deliver tax-aware strategies and tax-efficient portfolio construction. This tax awareness goes beyond investments, but also through careful estate planning strategies to ultimately keep as much long-term capital in your control. For our small business client’s unique tax needs, we developed our tax-efficient Milestone M-Factor Portfolios (link below) specifically designed to be held inside the unforgiving passive tax rates of a corporation.


Our value goes beyond just investment advice. Milestone prides itself on helping its clients by embarking on a financial journey and providing guidance every step of the way through high-touch and meticulous counsel, expertise, and custom-fit solutions. We work with the intention of developing multi-generational relationships with our clients that truly last a lifetime. As their lives unfold and needs evolve, our process is unwavering in its commitment to providing them the highest levels of service. Taking a fee-based approach allows us to better serve and anticipate our client’s needs.

The Milestone Team

At Milestone, we believe a team-based approach to wealth management ensures our clients benefit from a coordinated, disciplined methodology and the highest levels of service. Our team consists of Shawn Boos, Steve Booker, Steve Nielsen and Korina Fandrick. Although each has specific expertise, we believe that, together, we offer a combination of skills and experience that is truly leading edge.

Steve Nielsen

Portfolio Manager, Managing Director
B.Comm, FMA, CFP®, CIM®​

T: 403-531-2446

Korina Fandrick

Associate Portfolio Manager

T: 403-531-2448

Shawn Boos

Portfolio Manager, Managing Director

T: 403-531-2447

Steve Booker

B. Comm, CFP®, CIM®, CLU®​​

T: 403-531-2445

Client testimonials

Many thanks for the great job you guys do with our investments. You are a great bunch of people that operate a first-class business.

Anne Marie & Rick
Client testimonials

“For the past five years, Milestone has provided us with a consistent rate of return on our investments in a well-balanced, relatively conservative portfolio. We have on numerous occasions recommended them to family and friends and will continue to do so.”

Client testimonials

“Graeme and I felt very encouraged by our portfolio given the state of the economy and we would like to thank Milestone for its guidance over the years to help us achieve a level of safety and growth that fits our finances. It can’t be easy, and we commend the Milestone team for all the good work it is doing.”

Donna & Graeme
Client testimonials

“We are extremely impressed with the services provide by Milestone. Our account manager, Shawn Boos, provides sound investment recommendations and regular face-to-face updates. Reports, data and investment options are illustrated with state-of-the-art graphical software that greatly enhances our understanding of our finances and allows rapid assessment of investment and planning options. This, combined with a great personal touch by Korina, Shawn and Steve, will ensure our business for the foreseeable future.”

Mike & Geri
Client testimonials

“The advisors at Milestone really take the time to explain the strategy and understand how it all fits together.”

Elizabeth & Ben
Client testimonials

“The team at Milestone has been managing our financial portfolio for many years now. They always go above and beyond to make sure our questions are answered and strive to devise a long-term financial plan that does not remove us from our comfort zone. We look forward to our continuing relationship with Milestone and recommend them highly.”

Lance & Tina
Client testimonials

“I am impressed with Milestone’s high level of expertise, courteous service and teamwork in working together with me in achieving my financial goals. I hope to continue my excellent business relationship with Milestone in my upcoming retirement years on Vancouver Island.”

Client testimonials

“With Milestone, clients get attention directed to their specific financial objectives. Milestone advisors do not try to fit you into one convenient portfolio box, but take the time to match your plans with their seasoned financial insight. This is good and makes for a comfortable relationship.”

Client testimonials

“Milestone has acted as our financial advisor for the past seven years and we’ve been very pleased with their performance in growing our investments. We really appreciate the financial summary that Milestone sends every month, as it is very complete and easy to understand. Shawn Boos is our personal advisor. We find him very personable, professional and knowledgeable in the investment field. Shawn takes ownership in managing our investments and meets with us for regular reviews to keep our investment portfolio growing and secure.”

Guy & Karen