Market Insights: Bollinger Band Squeeze?

Published by Steve Nielsen on Nov 25, 2016

Right now, you are likely wondering, "What on earth is a Bollinger Band, and why do I care?"  Occasionally, we endeavor to shed light on some interesting and lesser known (though not less important) phenomenon in our investment world, and this one......

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Retiring Abroad: Client Spotlight series

Published by Steve Nielsen on Nov 21, 2016

The Client Spotlight series within our Retiring Abroad posts continue.  These are responses from our very own clients who are retired and living in Canada and around the World.  We have asked them to comment on the same five topics: climate, sports.....

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Wealth Strategies: Year-end tax tips & planning

Published by Steve Nielsen on Nov 17, 2016

Tax Tips: With just a little advance planning, you can use the available tax incentives to their best advantage, and save a little green in the process....

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Market Insights: Post-election update

Published by Steve Nielsen on Nov 09, 2016

Today is an important day from both an economic and equity/bond market perspective.  As you undoubtedly discovered last night, or first thing this morning, the next President of the United States will be Donald Trump, who is coupled with a Republican...

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