Fundamentally, we believe investing is about balance – about bringing risk and return, action and patience into equilibrium. We focus on helping our clients find and maintain their own sense of balance when it comes to their investments. Based on your unique goals and expectations and your individual tolerance and capacity for risk, we’ll select the tools that suit your purposes and design a globally diversified portfolio tuned to your unique symmetry. Everything we do is process-driven and disciplined through all market cycles.


We seek input from multiple valuable resources to enhance our lengthy experience in the industry to provide insightful recommendations to our clients. We are continually evaluating existing and new strategies to create diverse solutions including active and passive investments that specifically meet your needs. To complement our in-house portfolio management, we conduct exhaustive research to bring best-in-class third-party managers factoring in performance, fee structure and risk, along with intensive due diligence and manager monitor.


In striving to manage risk, we adhere to our customized strategic and tacticalasset allocation process based on our proprietary methodology, utilizing domestic and global, traditional and non-traditional investments and asset classes. From a top-down perspective, our proprietary Milestone Recession Risk Composite™ helps guide our global asset allocations as well as the degree to which we pursue investment options. Through bottom-up research,we carefully select individual securities and actively managed solutions through a process that is driven by quality, growing value, and relative strength criteria.


We review our portfolio asset allocations and individual security weightings on a regular basis and rebalance back to our target weighting to ensure our portfolios stay aligned with your unique risk profile and to actively take advantage of seasonality and dislocations in the marketplace. In addition, we monitor our third-party managers and continually have diligent conversations to ensure their strategies are being executed accordingly.


With detailed knowledge of the Canadian tax system, and in working with our client’s strategic partners such as Chartered accountants and Tax Specialists,we harness all the tools available to us to deliver tax-aware strategies and tax-efficient portfolio construction. This tax awareness goes beyond investments, but also through careful estate planning strategies to ultimately keep as much long-term capital in your control. For our small business client’s unique tax needs, we developed our tax-efficient Milestone M-Factor Portfolios (link below) specifically designed to be held inside the unforgiving passive tax rates of a corporation.


Our value goes beyond just investment advice. Milestone prides itself on helping its clients by embarking on a financial journey and providing guidance every step of the way through high-touch and meticulous counsel, expertise, and custom-fit solutions. We work with the intention of developing multi-generational relationships with our clients that truly last a lifetime. As their lives unfold and needs evolve, our process is unwavering in its commitment to providing them the highest levels of service. Taking a fee-based approach allows us to better serve and anticipate our client’s needs.