Retiring Abroad: Most Affordable Caribbean Islands to Retire On

Published by Milestone Asset Management on Jul 15, 2019

When one pictures themselves on an incredible beach, with beautiful weather, the Caribbean definitely comes to mind. For many Canadians, the Caribbean is a favourite place to visit and with so many unique islands to experience, it could take years to...

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Market Insights: Presidential Cycle Update

Published by Milestone Asset Management on Jul 12, 2019

In a commentary we posted last November titled Market Performance Following Mid-Term U.S. Elections, we noted at the time that the upcoming 2019 year would be the third year of the Presidential cycle, and that in the past, the third year has been by far...

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Market Insights: Second Quarter Wrap-Up

Published by Milestone Asset Management on Jul 09, 2019

Market Update Equity markets continued to push higher in the first part of the second quarter, after an extremely strong first quarter. Since the end of April, however, markets have mostly been in consolidation or pulling back slightly from those highs...

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