Market Insights: Brexit - Some perspective

Published by Steve Nielsen on Jun 29, 2016

Brexit - Some perspective The result of the recent referendum definitely came as a surprise to many, resulting in a major two day slide in global equities and a sharp spike in short-term volatility....

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Market Insights: Underlying strength in the market

Published by Steve Nielsen on Jun 17, 2016

With the Brexit vote coming up next week, there is a feeling of nervousness in the markets as we have seen the CBOE Volatility Index spike up 50% in the second week of June....

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When it comes to the recent changes that the Federal Government has introduced to the income tax brackets, specifically the top Federal bracket of $200,000 and over (increased to 33%), most Canadians likely feel that they won’t really be affected....

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Market Insights: Sentiment and market tops

Published by Steve Nielsen on Jun 02, 2016

We have been astonished at the level of pessimism that has been expressed in widely followed sentiment surveys of late, not to mention a whole host of other indicators and data that we typically see at market bottoms, not market tops....

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