Many of us will likely be asked to be an executor for a friend or family member at some point in our lives; yet most aren’t aware of a) the amount of time, effort and responsibility involved or b) the compensation you could potentially receive....

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Retiring Abroad: Best places to retire in Canada

Published by Steve Nielsen on May 13, 2016

There are many factors to consider in planning one’s retirement.  In the “Retiring Abroad” segment of our blog, we look at the question of “where do I/we want to live?” or “where would I/we like to travel?” in retirement...

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Market Insights: Equity seasonality & the Presidential Cycle

Published by Steve Nielsen on May 06, 2016

There has been no shortage of market commentaries or media chat about equity seasonality this week.  This comes as no surprise, because what is viewed as the seasonally weak period for equities......

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