Milestone Elements™: Checking on the pulse of our clients

Published by Steve Nielsen on Oct 31, 2015

In providing a comprehensive service to our clients, we often get feedback on what we are doing right, and in some cases, what we could be doing better....

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Wealth Strategies: Leveraging charitable donations

Published by Steve Nielsen on Oct 23, 2015

As one gains increased wealth in life, charitable donations are one way to give back to those less fortunate in one realm or another.  That being said, donations can also be strategized and structured in order to achieve a win-win from the estate.......

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Market Insights: Third Quarter wrap-up

Published by Steve Nielsen on Oct 14, 2015

Global equity markets endured their worst quarter in four years as investors worried about a China-led global slowdown and a possible rise in short-term interest rates in the U.S....

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