Market Insights: A potential bottom for Emerging Markets?

Published by Steve Nielsen on Aug 29, 2015

It is our contention that a great deal of the enormous volatility and capitulation in the markets we saw early last week was as a result of China and Emerging Markets (EM) weakness....

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It’s somewhat of a common misconception within estate planning to make the assumption that your t’s are crossed and i’s dotted if your will(s) are current and in good order....

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Market Insights: Summer doldrums?

Published by Steve Nielsen on Aug 20, 2015

Summer doldrums? We must preface this by noting that this performance generalization about equity markets in the summer months is not overly accurate nor an efficient tool to make long-term investment decisions on. However, for the purpose of this post...

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Milestone Elements™: Congratulations Steve Nielsen

Published by Steve Nielsen on Aug 01, 2015

On behalf of all of us at Milestone Asset Management, we would like to congratulate Steve Nielsen on his 15 years of service with Milestone. ...

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