Market Insights: Is crude oil tracking the 1986 roadmap?

Published by Steve Nielsen on Mar 28, 2015

Is crude oil tracking the 1986 roadmap? Last week, Canaccord Genuity's North Amercian Portfolio Stategist Martin Roberge made some very interesting comments about the price of crude oil along with an accompanying chart......

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Interest rates are closely tied to insurance* rates and given the extremely low interest rate environment we’ve been experiencing, premiums are far more likely to continue increasing. Especially with the Bank of Canada’s recent rate cut from 1%.......

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Retiring Abroad: Client Spotlight series

Published by Steve Nielsen on Mar 17, 2015

As we announced in our innaugural post, we are launching a series within our Retiring Abroad category called Client Spotlight.  This will be a series of responses from our very own clients who are retired and living in Canada and around the World.  ...

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Market Insights: Regional equity valuations

Published by Steve Nielsen on Mar 16, 2015

Courtesy of Russell Investments, let's take a look at where equity valuations are currently sitting at accross the globe.  U.S. equities appear to have the most lofty valuations while emerging markets are the cheapest when looking strictly at Price-E...

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