Retiring Abroad: Sports and Snowbirding

Milestone Wealth Management Ltd. - Mar 04, 2024

Snowbirds will tell you that there are many benefits to spending the winter months in a warmer location. One of these benefits is the additional activities one can do in a warmer climate in the winter. For snowbirding sports fans, there are many options to take in a sporting event while being outside of Canada. Because being outside of Canada doesn't mean forgoing a good hockey game!

We recently came across two great articles detailing sporting events in two popular retirement destinations for snowbirds. The first is Arizona, specifically the Phoenix area, with professional sports ranging from hockey to baseball to football.

A Snowbird Sports Fan’s Guide to Arizona

And secondly, the ever-popular retirement destination, Florida. Rather than being located in just one major centre, Florida has sporting events occurring across much of the state, including Port St. Lucie which was the subject of a prior Retiring Abroad blog post.

A Snowbird Sports Fan’s Guide to Florida

Retiring outside of Canada doesn’t mean one has to give up taking in their favourite sporting events. In fact, retirees might find that they are able to see and experience more than they otherwise would have. These guides can help you plan what sporting events are most important to you while enjoying your winters in your favourite destination.