Retiring Abroad: Tips for Canadian Snowbirds Spending Winters in International Destinations

Milestone Wealth Management Ltd. - Nov 06, 2023

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Cities in Canada are often ranked among the most livable in the world as well. However, as we all know the winters can sometimes be a challenge, which has led to the popular, and still growing, trend of Canadian snowbirds. We have written about Tips for Retiring Outside Canada and A Snowbird Checklist on our Milestone Wealth Newswire blog which are still excellent resources for experienced or new snowbirds alike.

More and more Canadians are retiring and looking at becoming snowbirds, and due to rising costs many of those snowbirds are looking outside of the usual popular locations in the United States. To that extent, we recently came across an article from discussing the specific items that one should consider in light on this environment. Here are their Tips for Canadian Snowbirds Spending Winters in International Destinations.